Monday, January 9, 2012

Excessive Eating

Today's advice was requested by a man from Canada who we'll refer to henceforth as Q. Q asks:

"I just realized how much food I eat... usually it's pread out on a plate, but I put it in a bowl and god damn. I just ate what should be 6 portions of rice (enough for 6 grown people) with turkey and cream of chicken soup.
I don't want to be hungry, but I don't really want to gain wright. Do you know of something that doesn't taste gross that I can get a lot of for cheap? I gained 60 lbs over the coarse of 7 years by doing absolutely nothing at all, and I mean nothing. I sit at a computer all day, I lay down and watch tv, and I sleep. Sometimes I walk around the basement. I'd lose a crap ton of weight if I just ate less, but I refuse to be hungry, ever."

This is actually a really easy piece of advice to give. Following it should be just as simple.

Often times your body mistakes thirst for hunger. Many people in the world are chronically dehydrated and oblivious to the fact. A shame considering how many third world countries would do anything to have fresh water at their fingertips, and here we are taking it for granted. Try drinking a full glass of water prior to snacking and you may find you aren't even actually hungry to begin with.

On top of that, start lowering your portion size. You'll feel unsatisfied for about two or three weeks during this, but your stomach will begin shrinking back down to normal size. Meaning you will feel fuller, sooner, and not require so much food to reach that point. Excessive eating stretches out your stomach, meaning you need to eat more to fill the added space. Fix that and you'll be easier to satiate.

How many calories should you be getting? I've included a handy dandy calorie calculator to help you find out.